Product characteristics

Maotai liquor is the originator of Chinese Daqu Maotai-flavor liquor and is honored as "national liquor".
It has the characteristics of clear and transparent color, prominent Maotai-flavor, mellow fragrance, elegance and delicacy, soft, refreshing, mellow liquor, long aftertaste and lasting fragrance even in empty cups. People call Maotai liquor's unique fragrance "Maotai fragrance", which is a typical style of Chinese Maotai-flavor liquor.
Maotai liquor is characterized by purity, transparency and mellowness. It is composed of three special flavors: Maotai-flavor, pits-flavor liquors and mellow sweetness-flavor. There are more than 300 known components of aroma. There are many components of aroma in Maotai liquor. Some people praise it that "three drunken families next to the flavor, widespread aroma with a open bottle ten after rain". Maotai liquor is fragrant but not gorgeous. It never adds any perfume in the process of brewing. The components of aroma are naturally formed in the process of repeated fermentation.

Origin environment

Maotai liquor is named for its production in Maotai town on the Chishui River in Zunyi.The wine factory locates in the upper reaches of Chishui River. It has good water quality, low hardness, rich trace elements and no pollution.The distillation of water with a slightly sweet and without dissolved impurities makes the wine particularly delicious.Therefore, the poets of the Qing Dynasty once had the praises of " Collect hippocrene in one body, Remit beautiful water eastward" for Chishui River.Maotai Town also has very special natural environment and climate conditions. It is located in the basin of the lowest point of Guizhou plateau. It is only 440 meters above sea level, far from the plateau airflow and has dense clouds and fogs all day long. This special climate, water quality and soil conditions are very favorable for the fermentation and ripening of liquor. If it leaves this special climate conditions here, some aroma components in liquor cannot be produced at all, and the taste of liquor will be deficient.

Moutai Feitian

Moutai Feitian Liquor is a fragrant and delicious liquor. It is like a fusion of the spiritual power of the meeting of mountains and streams, containing the best essence of nature. It is like the ancestor of Chinese liquor, the cornerstone of Chinese liquor. It is characterized by a strong aroma, elegant, mature taste, tangy aroma and a long aftertaste. He was crowned as the most popular liquor in China, so he is also known as the Chinese spirit.

Moutai Prince

Moutai Prince Liquor is made of high-quality glutinous sorghum, wheat and water as raw materials, and is carefully brewed, stored and blended by the traditional Daqu sauce-flavor liquor without adding any aroma and aroma substances. It has an elegant sauce aroma, full-bodied, mellow and harmonious. The aftertaste is long, and the empty cup lasts for a long time.

Made with the same process and with the same raw materials as the Moutai Feitian, through a shorter distillation period, Moutai Prince is a fresher, lighter and more delicate variant of Moutai. With its fresh and sweet aroma of apple and pear, Prince is smooth in flavor while retaining the complexity of its big brother.

Kweichow Moutai “Chinese Zodiac”

Kweichow Moutai Zodiac Liquor is a Moutai main brand liquor jointly created by Moutai Liquor Company Limited and Mr. Huang Yongyu, the giant of Zodiac design. The product is designed to create a combination of the national liquor Moutai, the national art master and the Chinese Zodiac culture by inviting the master artist to draw the twelve Chinese Zodiac patterns on the Moutai bottle, which is a noble drinking wine, high-end collector's wine and high-grade gift wine that is sublimated on the basis of the high-quality liquor of Moutai.

Kweichow Moutai (Treasure)

The latest Moutai series of Treasure is mainly made of four colors: reddish-red, red, brown and gold. Reddish-red for the spirits, red for the sorghum and reddish-red clay, brown for the special "Chinese" cellar stones and wine altars, and gold for the wheat, which are indispensable and important elements in the brewing of Moutai wine. These are all important elements in the brewing of Moutai wine. The body of Moutai Treasure is light golden yellow, crystal clear, and highly textured, and its most distinctive feature is the perfect fusion of old ripe aromas with fruity, nutty, floral, and curvaceous aromas, with a well-balanced and coordinated structure, which gives Moutai's typical style of elegance, finesse, thickness, and longevity an even more perfect presentation.

50-Year Vintage Moutai Liquor

[An elegant and fragrant drink]

A man at the age of 50, enjoys his status, wealth and success
The Moutai Spirit of 50 years enjoys an elegant, mellow and sweet fragrance

Fifty years storage, carefully blending process, special sauce flavor, elegant taste, mellow spirit, pleasant aftertaste, lasting fragrant in the emptied cup.

Astrology Edition

More than 2,000 years ago, the Greek astronomer Hibacus (190-120 BC) divided the zodiac into twelve sections to mark the position of the sun on the ecliptic. From the beginning, every thirty degrees is a house and is named after the main constellations contained in the house at that time, in order: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.